Add ArcGIS Online Maps to Your WordPress Blog

Filed in GIS Software and Applications by  on August 23, 2013

 A new plugin has just been released that gives those using WordPress the ability to embed maps from ArcGIS Online into their blogs.  ArcGIS Online is Esri’s online repository of web map services. Installing the plugin puts an “Add Maps” button next to the “Add Media” button found when writing a post in WordPress.  Users can then search for maps hosted on Esri’s ArcGIS Online site by keyword and embed them into a post.

There is a free and a paid version of the plugin available.  For both versions, users can set parameters controlling the map size, zoom levels, whether or not to show a scale bar, legend, or map description.   Users can also enable a location search bar

The paid version (for a one time charge of $500) allows users with ArcGIS Online subscriptions more complex functionality including a content slider widget and a content tree widget.  The press release from GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting indicates that a Light version is also planned although no details on it were offered.

The Geo-Jobe site has more details about the functionalities offered by both the paid and the free versions of the Web Maps for WordPress plugin.  Those considering the Pro version can register for a demo to try it out.  To download the free version, visit the WordPress plugin site.

ArcGIS Online WordPress plugin.

ArcGIS Online WordPress plugin.

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